ISE Satellite Symposium

An ISE Satellite Student Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry (ISE-SSRSE) was held at McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada on July 16, 2010. This event was organized by PhD student Hesam Dadafarin, with the help of the members of the McGill Chemical Engineering Electrochemistry Group. The ISE-SSRSE provided professors, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduate students with a marvelous opportunity to demonstrate their academic works and ideas in a friendly environment.  In addition, since this meeting covered a broad range of topics in electrochemistry, there was a great chance for participants to meet students working in various areas of electrochemistry, and also to network. We had the honor to host forty participants at our symposium who gave us precious feedbacks regarding our meeting. We had ten invited talks during the day as below:

  • Prof. Elenan Baranova, Professor at University of Ottawo, “Bringing Electrochemical Promotion of Catalysis (EPOC) to the nanometer scale”.
  • Dr. Amel-Tabet Aoul, Postdoc at INRS-EMT, “Development of Platinum-Tin Nanoparticles-Carbon Nanotubes Architectures for Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells Applications”.
  • Saad Ghareba, PhD Candidate at McGill University, “Amine-terminated alkane carboxylate as biodegradable corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel”.
  • Boming Zhu, Master Student at Concordia University, “Microfluidic fuel cell — modeling and simulation”.
  • Walaa Hirzallah, Master Student at Concordia University, “Microbial fuel Cells in Wastewater Treatment”.
  • Jason Tavares, PhD from McGill University, “Functionalized Ti nanoparticle coatings to improve the thrombogenicity of SS316L surfaces”.
  • Jeff Harvey, MSc from McGill University, “Fibronectin Immobilization on 316L Stainless Steel Using Self-Assembled Monolayers: Applications for Coronary Artery Stents”.
  • Hesam Dadafarin, PhD Candidate at McGill University, “Minimization of in-stent restenosis by electrochemically-assisted formation of biomimetic layers on 316L stainless steel stent surface”.
  • Anis Allagui, PhD Candidate at Concordia University, “On the mechanisms of nanoparticles synthesis by electrochemical discharges”.
  • Mykola Kondratenko, PhD Candiate at McGill University, “New Highly Stable Donor-Acceptor Dyads for Single Molecule Electronics”.

The meeting continued by a poster session in the afternoon. Nineteen students presented their research in the poster session; they demonstrated innovative findings in different areas, such as fuel cells, nano-catalysts, corrosion inhibitors and biomedical applications. Three precious awards with the total value of $500 were given to the best three presenters: Zéhira Hamoudi, Mouna Moumene and Jong Min Kim. Prof. Aicheng Chen, Canadian Regional Representative of ISE, also issued certificates for the best three presenters. Organizing this event would have not been possible without the major financial support of the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE), and also the Centre for Biorecognition and Biosensors (CBB), Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at McGill University. Some of the pictures of the event day are shown below.

Talk Session.


Poster Session

Best Poster Award,Zéhira Hamoudi.

Hesam DadafarinA group picture of participants in the end of the meeting.

People who helped to organize this event.